Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Health Benefits Others... Not Just You

I've got some great news for you.
Actually, what I'm about to tell you (if done right) will lead to massive success and happiness in all facets of your life.
What can this possibly be???
Well, it's your health and fitness, of course.
I'm sure you're asking right about now, "How is this different from everything else you tell me, Chris?"
Well, I'm about to show you how getting fit and healthy not ONLY helps you, but your family, your career, your relationships, and everything else in-between.
You see, once you've decided to take action and make that lifestyle change that I keep talking about...things will start to change for the better.
You will get leaner.
You will get healthier.
You will eat better.
You will exercise more.
You will be consistently consistent (pay attention to this statement).
You will be happier.
All of these things will snowball, and will lead you to greater things in life.
Let's run through a sample scenario...
Ok, let's say you are 40 pounds overweight, haven't regularly exercised in years, eat basically anything you get your hands on everyday, is constantly stressed about your work and/or family life, etc.........
And let me just interrupt to say that this, unfortunately, is the true average person.
Sad, indeed.
Let's say you've had enough and you've decided that things are going to change......you're going to eat healthier, exercise, and change everything you can for the better.
First of all, CONGRATULATIONS!!!
I knew you could do it!!!
Ok, so you start.
You get up in the morning, exercise, eat a healthy breakfast (let's say oatmeal and fruit with some added green tea health benefits), go to work (happy that you've done way more than you usually do), eat a healthy lunch (turkey sandwich, yogurt, fruit), kick some more butt at work, come home, eat a home cooked meal (very, very important, consistently eating out = consistently getting fatter), exercise a little with your family, have some leisure time, go to bed.
Now, that is the kind of change I am talking about!
Now, of course, EVERYONE is not going to follow that rough sketch exactly.
Everyone has their own ideas when it comes to food, family, job, etc.
And that's fine!
The point is.....is that you are changing your bad habits into good ones.
And they have WIDE-RANGING benefits.......such as:
Your husband/wife gets motivated by your changes and decides to follow in your footsteps.
You give a fantastic example to your kids on how to be healthy and stay healthy (this alone is worth its weight in gold...for them not to be included in the next batch of childhood obesity statistics).
You save money in decreased doctor visits, prescriptions, and the like.
You are happier with life.
You look forward to more things because your self-esteem is shooting through the roof.
You are more focused at work.
And this is truly just the beginning...........
As you can see, getting in shape helps you most importantly, but has possibly the best "side effect" of anything else in the world.
It helps others.
Mainly the ones you care about the most.
Hey, if you're getting fit, you can surely motivate your family to get fit......what else is possibly better in life than achieving your own goals and, at the same time, motivating your family to do the same.
Now if that doesn't propel you into "Parent of the Year", I don't know what will, lol.
It's time to make a change, don't wait any longer, don't wait until you've reached your breaking point......
Let's start today.
Let's start one day at a time, one pound at a time.......
And propel yourself to the person that I know you can be.
I'll talk to you soon.

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